Popsicles Kids Sale is a community event and we want to help you raise money for your favorite organization!
This includes schools, boy/girl scouts, charities, sports teams, etc. Organizations must be established with a clearly defined purpose.

We have 2 great fundraising ideas. Your organization may choose to do one or both fundraising options:
Option 1 - Fundraiser Consignor
  • This is a Great way to clean out and cash in for your favorite charity or organization! As a Fundraiser Consignor, your group can earn 70-80% of your total sales!
  • Ask your members/parents to donate their new and gently-used items (look for what we accept) to your organization.
  • Register as a Consignor--use the name of your group.
  • Prep and tag all the items.
  • You will drop off your items at a prearranged time. All items must meet PKS guidelines.
  • 500 item limit
  • Earn 70% of your sales or earn 80% by committing 3 volunteers from your organization to help us during the sale (4-hour shifts). The volunteer must include the organization's name next to their own name.
  • Get started by submitting the form below.


Option 2 - Fundraiser Thursday
  • Earn money for your organization or charity by passing out flyers for Fundraiser Thursday!
  • PKS will email a customized flyer for you to print and distribute. (Flyers cannot be distributed in the parking lot or on the premises during the event)
  • ON THURSDAY during Public Shopping time, 9am - 6pm, your supporters will give the flyer to the cashier when they pay for their purchases.
  • PKS will calculate 10% of the total purchases made with your flyers on Thursday. A check will be mailed to your organization within 2 weeks following the end of the sale.
  • Don't Forget: The more flyers you hand out, the more money your organization can make!
  • Get started by submitting the form below.
Ready to Get Started?
  1. Apply for participation by filling out the form below and click submit. Deadline is January 26, 2018.
  2. Fundraiser applicants are subject to approval by PKS.
  3. You will be notified within 2 days upon receipt of application.
  4. For more information, email Julie@popsicleskidssale.com or call 870-256-4465.

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Option 1 - Fundraiser Consignor  Option 2 - Fundraiser Friday Option 1 & 2

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