Here are answers to some of the questions that you may have about the Popsicles Event. If you still have a question please email us.

Consignor Questions

Why is there a participation fee? The participation fee helps to cover a fraction of the cost for advertising, postage, insurance and rental fees. It takes a lot to put on an event of this size and to be able to sell "your" items for you.

I want to participate. How do I get started? It is really simple! Go to the "Register" page.

I am a previous consignor. Do I have to register for each sale? Yes!!

Can I use regular paper for my tags? No!!

Do I have to use safety pins to attach my tags? Yes!! Absolutely NO straight pins!! OUCH!!!

Can I have my hangers back? No, not from your sold items. We give away a lot of safety pins and a few hangers that are left at the end of the sale on pick-up day. Need Hangers? Some dry cleaners will give you hangers or sell them to you cheaply. Discount stores also sell them.

Do you accept short sleeves and onesies during the Fall Sale? Yes. We know that we layer in the winter months, so some short sleeve shirts will be accepted. Keep springy and summer patterned items for the spring/summer sale. Jeans are accepted for all seasons.

What happens at Drop-Off? It's really easy! First, consignor must check-in by signing-in at the "check-in" table (make sure we have your information correct), and pick up your Private Sale Pass. Second, bring your items in to be checked. You will be directed to an inspection table. Please do not be offended if any of your items are rejected for the sale because it is really easy to miss blemishes at home. It happens to all of us! Third, after your items have been inspected, you take them to the sales floor. The racks will have signs for the different sizes of clothing and the tables have signs for all other items.

How much time do I need to allow for Drop-Off? About 30-45 minutes. This does depend on how many are dropping-off the same time you are and if you have followed our guidelines for what we accept and how to tag your items.

Can someone else drop-off my items? Can someone else pick-up my items for me? Yes and Yes. The person that drops-off your items will be responsible for taking you the rejected items (if you have any!) and putting your inspected items to the sales floor. The person that picks-up your items will be responsible for looking for all of your unsold items. For example, they will need to know if you put shoes in the sale, so they will have to look thru the sorted shoe baskets.

Can I bring my friend, cousin, etc. with me to the Private Sale? No. You may only bring your husband or grandma along to help you shop!!  Check the Upcoming Sale page for their times to shop.

Pricing Questions

How do I decide what to price my items? This is our most popular question and the hardest to answer. Here are some basic suggestions on pricing.

Item Description Price
Play Clothes    Discount Store (Wal-Mart, etc) $3-$5
Onesies (Set of 3 or more) Carters, Gerber... $3-$6
Nicer Clothes Old Navy, Children's Place... $4-$12
Boutique Baby Lulu, Rubies... $12- 30% of retail
Nice Dresses Based on Style, Brand... $6-$15
Jeans/Khakis the Nicer the Brand the higher your price $5-$9
Nice 2-piece outfits Gymboree, Gap, Carters, Osh kosh... $7-$15
Bouncy Seats, Walkers Based on Age, Style, Condition... $5-$20
Exersaucers Based on Age, Style, Condition... $15-$30
Swings Based on Age, Style, Condition... $10-$50
High Chairs Based on Age, Style, Condition... $10-$30
Car Seats Based on Age, Style, Condition... $10-$50
Single Strollers Based on Age, Style, Condition... $10-$60
Double Strollers Based on Age, Style, Condition... $40-$80
Combo Seat/Stroller Based on Age, Style, Condition... $70-$100
Pack 'n Play Based on Age, Style, Condition... $20-$60
Baby Beds Based on Age, Style, Condition... $35-$100
Toddler Beds/Furniture Based on Age, Style, Condition $25-30% of Retail

***Remember all items must be in excellent, working condition!
***Appearance is everything! Clean, Wrinkle-Free, Well -Tagged items Sell Fast!!!
***We have an ABUNDANCE of Infant Clothing, PRICE TO SELL!!
***Price according to Brand, Condition, and what YOU paid for it NEW!

Volunteer Questions

Who can volunteer? To be able to volunteer, you must consign at least 20 items.

Can I volunteer for more than one shift? Yes. The more hours you volunteer the more perks you get!!!

I'm pregnant, can I still volunteer? Yes!! For those that need to stay-off their feet, we have several positons available for you!!

Shopper Questions

Why are Children/Babies in Strollers NOT Allowed on Tuesdays?  We love kids, and they are the reason why we are here, but at Tuesday’s Private Shopping, we are extremely busy and very crowded. For safety reasons, we have made the decision to not allow children 12 and Under, Infants in Carriers (only babies in slings allowed), or strollers/wagons at Tuesday’s Private Shopping. There are no restrictions on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday during the week of the sale. We apologize for any inconvenience, but it is necessary to ensure the safety for ALL Shoppers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Are there any parking fees or entrance fees? No

What is the process for Private Shopping? Before their time to shop, PKS Volunteers and Consignors choose to arrive early to be the first few to get in the door. For security purposes, all Consignors and Volunteers must remain outside until it is their time to shop. Waiting in line is absolutely up to you!

Can I bring something to carry my items while I shop? Absolutely!! Please, bring a laundry basket!! You can attach a rope or belt so you can "pull" all your goodies while you shop!! We do have a "Hold" area for ONLY LARGE items.  You may bring empty shopping bags. Due to safety reasons, No large purses/diaper bags allowed.

Can I bring my purse/diaper bag? We will no longer be able to allow large purses or diaper bags on shopping day. Bags smaller than 8 1/2 X 11 (size of a standard piece of paper) will be allowed. Due to holding such a large event, we have had to implement this shopping policy for security reasons. All bags, as well as strollers, will be checked when you exit the sale, for security reasons. Sorry that we have to do this, thank you for understanding.

How often is the Popsicles Kids Consignment Event? Only 2 times a year. In the Spring/Summer and in Fall/Winter.

What is the return policy? All sales are final. During Inspection, our volunteers work hard to make sure we accept only quality items. Our consignors are informed to also inspect their items prior to dropping off their items. Occasionally, a blemished item will make it the sales floor. It is the customer's responsibility to do a final inspection of the item before purchasing. On a case by case basis, items that have been misrepresented by the consignor, or consigned with the intent to mislead a customer, PKS may offer a return during the event. Once, the event is closed, PKS cannot offer any refunds. This policy DOES NOT apply to apparel. PKS holds their consignors responsible for these situations as they arise.

Can we "try on" the clothing? Yes! PKS has a dressing room that will be monitored by a volunteer. There is a limit of 5 items at a time.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, Visa, Discover Card, or check. *A $25 fee will be charged to all returned checks and we do turn all hot checks over to the Prosecuting Attorney's office.

How do I know if something is NOT half price? An item is NOT half-price if there is a Black STAR.

Can I bring my stroller? Strollers/Wagons are not allowed during Tuesday’s Private Shopping for Consignors, Moms-To-Be, Friend Pass, or Facebook Friend Pass Shoppers. All other days a PKS Volunteer will attach a “Stroller Pass” so we will know that it belongs to you. Your stroller basket must be empty.

What if I want a Big item? We have volunteers in these areas and you will fill out a Hold Ticket that will be attached to the item. When you are ready to purchase your items, you will show your hold ticket to the cashier and a volunteer will bring your item to the front.


Security is very important at Popsicles Kids Sale. We hire security and also use plain clothes security. Our Volunteers/Security may check strollers, infant carriers, containers and large bags as a preventative measure. Shoplifting is a crime. All violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please secure your items!


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