Items Needed For Tagging

  • Hangers- - -purchased at discount stores or some dry cleaners wll give you hangers for free
  • Safety Pins---Larger than 1",.the little ones just don't work. NO STRAIGHT PINS
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Zippered (ziploc) bags
  • Ribbon or zipties--purchased in the automotive department in Wal-Mart
  • Pen
  • Batteries
  • Plain white cardstock


Prepping Your Items

  • THE BETTER THEY LOOK–THE BETTER THEY SELL! Please be sure that your clothes are freshly washed, wrinkle-free and on hangers.
  • Please inspect your items very carefully for stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, lost buttons, etc. Please inspect your items carefully.
  • Popsicles reserves the right to pull any item at any time, if it is found not meeting our specifications. Our Trained Volunteers are consignors like you. Popsicles supervises checking in of items and spends extra time pulling unacceptable items off the sales floor. If you happen to see something on the sales floor that should not have been accepted, please bring it to our attention. We train our volunteers to follow rules and guidelines, but we are human, too. Lots of things may affect seeing something that should not have been accepted such as poor lighting, distractions, and being shorthanded.
  • Pet owners - Use tape or a lint brush to remove all pet hair from clothing and other fabric items. Do Not Bring Items with Pet Hair.
  • Smokers - Wash items well and use Febreze to remove the smell of smoke from items. Many people are allergic to smoke.
  • Remember, the better your items look, the quicker they will sell and more $$$ for you!


Tagging Instructions

Create Tags (NOTE: Please use Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser while creating and printing tags)

  1. Log In on the Consignor Page
  2. Click Register for the Upcoming Sale
  3. Click Items
    • This is the tagging screen. Enter your description, size, color, price and choose whether to donate or let your item go half price. Be descriptive by using brand names. If a tag is lost from an item, the only way we can match it to the correct item is with the description. If we cannot match lost tags to items, the item will be placed in Lost & Found. “New” and “Only Worn Once” on descriptions can make your item more appealing to the buyer! Minimum price for items is $3.00.
    • If you need to edit the description or price on a tag, click edit and make the changes.
    • If you have already printed a tag and decide to edit the description or price, you must create a new tag for that item and delete the old tag.

Print Tags

  1. Print your tags on plain white cardstock. Our scanners pick this color up best. Do not use copy paper. It is easily torn and lost, which will result in a lost sale.
  2. You may print your tags at anytime. Select a few tags to print at a time or select to print all the tags at one time. Click on Print Selected Tags. The tags will print 8 to a page.
  3. Now you are ready to start pinning!

How to Determine Selling Price

  • What would you be willing to pay for an item if you were the buyer?
  • A general rule is to price an item 1/3 to 1/2 of the original or retail price.
  • Minimum item price is $3.00 with $1 increments (no change). You may combine items to meet the minimum requirement.
  • Price competitively.
  • If it is not worth $3.00 then do not bring it.
  • We have an abundance of 0-12 month clothing so you may want to price to sell. Price them lower, let them go half, etc.

Tagging Clothes

  • On garments, attach tag with a safety pin near the upper right side of the garment. All garments should be hung with the hook facing left. Please use safety pins to hang pants - do not use clothespins or fold them over the hanger. See diagrams at left. (click the pictures for larger images).

  • DO Not use ziploc bags for clothing or pajamas!! Our shoppers want to see what they are buying.

  • Safety pin sets together.


Tagging Shoes

  • If possible, connect your pair of shoes together with a zip-tie (zip-ties may be purchased cheaply at Wal-Mart), ribbon, or safety-pin, so that they cannot be separated.
  • Attach the tag to the shoes, not the ziplock bag/shoe box. Attach the tag to the shoes by using zip-ties, ribbon or safety-pin. Reinforce your tag by using duct tape, packaging tape, etc. across the top of your tag, punch a hole through the tape, and attach the tag to the pair of shoes.
  • Now your shoes are ready to be placed in ziplock bags....Please remember to attach the tag to the shoes and not the bag! (Some shoes are too large for ziplock bags)
  • Shoes must be in great condition -- no play shoes.

Tagging Bedding

  • Only accepting teen, children, baby themed bedding.
  • Bedding should be in a clear bedding bag or the XL or XXL size ziploc bags sold at discount stores. You may attach a picture of your bedding on the outside to show shoppers how it looks.
  • Attach tag to the outside of the bag with clear packaging tape. Remember, we have to remove the tag so do not tape over the information.
  • Blankets and Bath Towels should be hung and pinned (to keep from sliding off) on hangers. This will make items sell better. Thin receiving blankets may be placed in ziploc bags.

Tagging Electronics

  • Small electronics, for example: Nintendo DS, Ipod, etc., will be placed in our locked electronics display case.
  • During Inspection, you will need to let us know that you have an item that will need to be placed in the display case.

Tagging Large Baby Equipment & Large Toys

  • Attach your tag to your item for easy removal.
  • While your items are being inspected, we ask that you fill out and attach the Claim Tag (provided by PKS) to your item. The original tag will be attached to the Claim Tag.

Tagging Other Items

  • Purses need to be ziptied to a large hanger.
  • Books, videos & small items can be placed in ziploc bags with the tag inside the bag. For books, you may use masking tape to securely attach the tag to the outside.
  • Toys, equipment and any other item that can not have the tag attached with a safety pin should be taped to the item with clear packaging tape. Scotch tape does not hold up. Remember, we have to remove the tag so do not tape over the information.
  • Make sure that if a toy or equipment has pieces to secure all pieces to it. You may use ziploc bags for small loose pieces and attach it securely with clear packaging tape.
  • If you are selling a baby bed with the mattress, include that information on the tag.
  • DO NOT put more than 1 tag on any item.

Selling Tip:

The more time you take to prepare your items the more $$$ you will make!
It's Rewarding to Clean Out and Cash In!!


Ready to Get Started?
If you have any questions or need help email Julie or call 870-256-4465. We are happy to help!


Having Computer Problems? -- I Need Express Tags

  • We will print your labels for you at the sale (NOTE: When using Express Tags, Sales will not be available online). Purchase index cards and follow the directions below.
    1. Register for your Consignor ID
    2. Hand write the Size (do not use S-M-L-XL) and Description in the center of the card.
    3. If you wish to donate an item that does not sell, put a "D" in the top right corner.  If you are donating your item we suggest that you let it go for half. Its better to get half than nothing! (Donated items go to Motherhood of Jonesboro.)
    4. Put your price in the bottom right corner and your consignor # on the bottom left corner of your card.
    5. Print our label request form. Fill out the form and bring it to drop-off. We will print off your labels and you will place them on your cards. So, please allow plenty of time for this!!!


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