PKS Quality Standards
Items will be thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest quality. We reserve the right to reject any item that may not sell based on style or quality.  We will NOT accept items that are:
  • Faded, stained, piled, broken zippers, etc.
  • Items that have pet hair or smell of smoke or moth balls
  • Excessively dirty
  • Broken items or equipment

Disclaimer on Recalled Children's Items
Please check the following recall pages for toys and other products for children.  These include  products containing lead such as clothing, accessories, furniture and toys.  While the law is intended for manufacturers and retailers not the resale industry, we want to make sure that our consignors are aware of these recalls. 


We believe that POPSICLES consignors would never intentionally sell an item that would harm someone else, but it is your responsibility to review the links below and make sure that none of the items you intend to sell have been recalled or are likely to contain lead.  If items are found on the sales floor that have been recalled, the item will be pulled from the Popsicles Kids Sale. Thank you for helping us to keep our children as safe as possible.  By participating with Popsicles as a Consignor you have agreed to these requirements.


Product Recall Finder

US Consumer Product Safety Commission-CPSIA Information

US Consumer Product Safety Commission-Guidance for Resellers of Children's Products



  • Clothing that is 2 to 3 years old will not be accepted
  • No used bras and underwear
  • No adult styled shoes
  • No jewelry
  • Any recalled item
  • No cribs that are out of compliance with the new CPSC ruling, effective June 28, 2011. It is illegal to sell a crib that does not comply with the CPSC's new standards.
  • No car seats/baby carriers no more than 5 years old. Check for more information
  • No helmets that were manufactured Before 2009
  • No used Pacifiers
  • No VHS tapes
  • No movies intended for mature audiences only. Children and young teen movies only. Select PG-13 movies may be ok, nothing R rated.
  • No books intended for mature audiences only. Children and young teen books only.
  • No adult styled bedding or décor
  • No expired baby formula or food. Must be factory sealed.
  • No Electronic toys without batteries
  • No stuffed animals. Only electronic animals.
  • No Pillows of Any Kind



  • Each Consignor may bring a limit of 300 total items with each Consignor Number.  Multiple pieces priced together is considered one item. For example: pants and shirt, 2 shirts, etc. There is no limit on toys, equipment, etc.
  • Must bring at least 20 items!
  • Girls and Boys sizes infant - juniors.
  • Juniors - we are only accepting your best 10 clothing items per gender.
  • Juniors - WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING T-SHIRTS OF ANY KIND except for brands such as Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Patagonia, North Face, Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and other high quality teen clothing brands. Other items that sell best are dresses, tops, jeans, jackets, and athletic clothing. Please remember just because it is a Teen size, does not mean it will be accepted.
  • Maternity Clothes - No longer accepting Maternity for Fall Events. Maternity only accepted for Spring Events. (must be current style).
  • Maternity - we are only accepting your best 10 items (Spring Event Only).
  • Clothing must be in excellent condition, pressed and hung on hangers.
  • ALL ONESIES must be on hangers. Onesies may be pinned to the hanger. Without the bag, shoppers can see the item better. We will have a basket for onesies that are brand NEW and NEVER OPENED.
  • No longer accepting socks and tights unless they are NEW in Package.
  • Spring/Summer Sale Accepted Items
    • Jeans
    • Capris and Shorts
    • Short sleeved and 3/4 length sleeved shirts (no fall/winter details)
    • Long sleeved clothing-pastel colored boys dress shirts and lighter weight infant clothing.
    • Jackets-light weight wind breakers, light weight sweaters and rain jackets.
    • Dancewear
    • Swimsuits
  • Fall/Winter Sale Accepted Items
    • Jeans
    • Capris (no spring colored/spring detailed)
    • Sweat pants/windsuits
    • Long sleeved and 3/4 length shirts (no spring colored/spring detailed). At our discretion, Short-sleeved shirts will only be accepted if they are appropriate for the Fall Season.
    • Short sleeved holiday dresses (Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas)
    • Coats & Jackets (heavy & light weight)
    • Halloween Costumes
    • Dancewear


  • Sizes infant - juniors.
  • All shoes must be shoes teens would wear.  This means no adult shoes.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Spring/Summer Shoes NOT Accepted
    • NO Lined Boots (ski, snow, crocs, etc)
  • Fall/Winter Shoes NOT Accepted
    • NO white dress shoes
    • Sandals, flip-flops, white dress shoes and other spring-summer styles


  • Junior's/Women's styles - must be current fashion
  • Purses need to be ziptied to a large hanger.
  • When tagging, use the descriptive box to tell about your purse. ex. brand, color, etc.

Toys & Equipment: (strollers, walkers, cribs, . . .)

  • Items must be cleaned and in working order.
  • All toys must include batteries (this will ensure that it works properly)
  • Toy parts must be attached to item.
  • We accept electronic stuffed animals.

Home Furniture:

  • We will be accepting Home Furniture during Consignor Drop-Offs on Friday and Saturday..
  • Furniture Items Accepted:  Dining tables, stools, large area rugs, end/coffee tables, hutches, entertainment centers, bookcases, desks, office chairs, bedroom furniture (No Mattresses), armoires, patio furniture and lamps..
  • Furniture Items NOT accepted:  No Home Décor (pictures/frames, mirrors, knick- knacks), No Couches, No Recliners, No Mattresses.
  • Condition of Furniture: All furniture must be in good condition and functioning properly. No recalled items. No stains. Nothing broken. PKS has the right to not accept any item. If you are unsure whether your item is acceptable, email Julie for further assistance.

Exercise Equipment:

  • Exercise Equipment only accepted in the Spring Sale.
  • Exercise tapes/DVDs, treadmills, stationary bikes, weights, etc.
  • Must be in working order - like new.


Here are some suggestions!
clothes videos DVDs
books kids sports equip. beds (cribs, toddler,...)
children's bikes highchairs playpens
bed guardrails potty chairs hair bows
toys diaper bags shoes
car seats riding toys strollers

    Product Recall Finder


NOTE: Popsicles cannot assume responsibility for any items that are lost damaged or stolen during the sale.  Of course, we will do our very best to prevent any of these from occurring.

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